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01:20 AM Movian Bug #995 (Rejected): Remote Play Out of screen border issues
As title says, when using Showtime on PS3 via PSP remoteplay had out of screen issues.
Adjusting the "Display and u...


01:45 PM Movian Bug #983: SSA - Subtitle Bug.
Cant generate a sample image on subtitle too small. Since my camera cant handle it.
here's a third sample image fo...
01:26 PM Movian Bug #983 (Fixed): SSA - Subtitle Bug.
Comes too blurry (maybe because of the text effects applied on the subtitle)
01:18 PM Movian Bug #982 (Fixed): SMB/Samaba/CIFS - No password shares cant access
As subject says. No access to shares if no password specified on them on server.
Note: I can access my SMB shares ...


01:10 AM Movian Bug #746 (Fixed): SMB (Samaba) Video Playback Issues
Issues found so far:
- Fast forward makes the application hang for good and PS3 is not responding. (specially the ...
01:04 AM Movian Feature #745 (Rejected): Request Feature: Allow user to clean the memory
Good day,
I just want to request a feature that allow us to clean up the memory with a hotkey or something. This m...


12:29 PM Movian Bug #739 (Fixed): SMB (Samba) Network Issue
Issues found so far:
- 1.5mbit limit (sometimes slower than that, only mp3 playback with 320kbps are only applicab...


10:32 AM Movian Bug #540: ASS Style Subtitle Bug[s] Related
sample file is quite larger to be attached here so you can just download on this site..


04:25 PM Movian Bug #540 (Fixed): ASS Style Subtitle Bug[s] Related
ASS Subtitles that are commonly used on fansubbed shows (e.g. Animes)
- Typesetting related bug
* Text too small...


05:15 AM Movian Bug #532 (Fixed): TrueHD 5.1 Audio Bug
a bug when you play a video file with TrueHD5.1 Codec on video.
- Video: Play a little faster that it intended to....

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