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10:05 PM Movian Wiki edit: HTTP_API (#1)
09:29 PM Movian Wiki edit: WikiStart (#6)
08:44 PM Movian Bug #759: Subtitle fails to load
I'm attaching the subtitle file for your pleasure


01:44 AM Movian Bug #760 (Fixed): Memory leak when playing large/long movies
Started Ps3
started showtime
ran 720p flick that was quite long (2h41minutes)
next movie i start i get a warnin...
01:41 AM Movian Bug #759 (Fixed): Subtitle fails to load
Its quite simple really
hts seem to fail to load / display subtitles when the name gets tricky
"3 Idiots (2009) ...


03:47 AM Movian Revision 5d435576 (git): added needed dependencies for ubuntu natty 11.04


12:22 AM Movian Bug #449: Can't back to movie after pressing "home"
I can confirm this issue.
When watching a movie and pressing select (home button) i return to the home menu.


01:21 PM Movian Wiki edit: PS3_usage_guide (#10)
01:21 PM Movian Wiki edit: PS3_usage_guide (#9)
01:16 PM Movian Bug #443 (Fixed): UI inconsistencies over slow media bookmarks
When starting playback of a file over http, there can be of course be a delay before it actually starts.
The UI r...

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