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04:44 AM Movian Bug #1136: External subtitles not listed when playing video (UPnP)
It's now working for me again, great work! I really enjoy your way of doing things. I will donate again :)


04:49 AM Movian Bug #1136: External subtitles not listed when playing video (UPnP)
Unfortunately, that does not work for me. I already have that option set. If subtitles are embedded into the movie, t...


06:04 PM Movian Bug #1136 (Fixed): External subtitles not listed when playing video (UPnP)
Since the big re-design external subtitles won't be loaded via UPnP. If the subtitles are inside the MKV container it...


10:27 AM Movian Bug #1071: .srt won't display...
I can confirm that external subtitles are not working at all with Showtime 3.99.349-gf470154.


11:59 AM Movian Bug #956 (Fixed): External subtitles not listed if subtitles in MKV (UPnP)
When streaming video with UPnP and there are subtitles inside the video file, the external subtitles are not shown in...
11:51 AM Movian Feature #955 (Fixed): Manually resetting the video playback position
It is possible in Showtime to save the last position of a video, but if you want to start the video from the beginnin...


09:53 AM Movian Bug #929 (Rejected): Showtime won't start playback if subtitle is empty
If the subtitle file is zero size (0 bytes), Showtime tries to load it but then won't start playback of the movie. Al...


08:21 AM Movian General: Donations
I have seen that there is only one option to donate to Showtime. As I am against using PayPal (for obvious reasons), ...


12:10 PM Movian Bug #771: No video shown when playing this movie sample
Thank you for clarifying this issue.
Would it be possible to play the movie if Showtime would use software decodin...
05:05 AM Movian Bug #803 (Fixed): No audio when playing this movie sample
When playing the sample with the latest version of Showtime on PS3 (3.3.307), the audio is mute. The video and audio ...

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