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09:27 PM Movian Plugins: Plugin autostart
Is it possibile to set plugin to run at Movian start up?
I want to use it as setup box for IPTV with ONLINE TV plugi...


05:44 PM Movian UI: RE: EPG
Any chance for such an option in the near future ?
Just for playlist not for EPG ?


07:30 PM Movian UI: RE: EPG
ok case closed
i have xperience plugin installed
i uninstalled it and everything work as it should :) thx anyway
07:08 PM Movian UI: RE: EPG
i followed your instruction but now it throws me back to stream list
10:42 AM Movian UI: RE: EPG
Its first RaspberryPi model B connected thru hdmi to Samsung h6400 TV
Could you share this changed libcec library or...


08:39 PM Movian UI: RE: EPG
I dont know whatever it depends on you plugin or Movian itself but is it possible to change channels from m3u playlis...

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