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07:16 AM Movian Android: Movian crashes on android 6
Every timy I try to serch for content in the search field. Movian crashes.


06:30 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Rutracker plugin
Buksa Noob wrote:
> Just open torrent directly. Also you can use Bookmarklet
What is Bookmarklet?
And how to ope...
06:25 AM Movian Android: Movian start to crush on Xiaomi mibox Android 6.0.1
When I try to search for media movian crashes. Any thoughts?
06:18 AM Movian Android: RE: Hardware Accelerated Decoding - Amlogic S905
How to use mx player with movian?


05:16 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Kaban.tv


06:01 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Kaban.tv
what is betapass where to find it and how to use it?


06:22 AM Movian Plugins: baskino
Baskino shows only film info and trailers no streaming links can someone please fix it?
06:19 AM Movian Plugins: Navi x
Navi x is dead plugin. Can someone please fix it?
06:17 AM Movian Plugins: Ingfilm
No player for stream. What does it mean? Not playing any links.
06:15 AM Movian Plugins: Treetv can't login
Can't login to tree tv wrong username or password. Does someone having this issue too?

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