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03:08 PM Movian Bug #1374 (Fixed): Option Group not saving
Metadata options only save to ram after a change is made, so when restarting showtime, the options revert.


10:00 PM Movian Bug #1268: Timer Problem
929ccb36 fixes this :)
09:58 PM Movian PS3: RE: What's the meaning of this warning?
The level in that warning has to do with video, not audio. Has something to do with the limits of how ps3 cells can ...


01:45 AM Movian Bug #1268: Timer Problem
I just noticed there is now an option to play from beginning in a pop-up menu. So maybe this is intentional and not ...
01:37 AM Movian Bug #1268 (Fixed): Timer Problem
After a file is finished enough for it to be counted as played, cache doesn't reset the timer to 0 after file is term...


05:46 AM Movian Bug #1169 (Fixed): track problem
each consecutive video played adds an entry in subtitle and audio tracks
think you fixed this problem once before


06:33 PM Movian Bug #1165 (Fixed): Crash While Playing Short MKV
While auto-playing short 5 minute-ish videos, showtime always seems to crash sometimes during the second one playing....


05:29 PM Movian Bug #1149: Metadata Option
Oh yeah, and Showtime seems to forget that I disabled the option when I restart it.
05:27 PM Movian Bug #1149 (Fixed): Metadata Option
Disabling tmdb in the option screen doesn't seem to have any effect. There's still a metadata avalanche of debug dat...


07:01 PM Movian PS3: RE: Deleting corrupt install
The path to where Showtime installs is dev_hdd0/game/htss00003 I believe.

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