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08:20 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Gametrailers
I downloaded the IGN plugin, and I must say it is great. It serves its purpose: to let the user easily watch the late...


02:28 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Gametrailers
I did some research and gamespot and IGN seem to have similar content (game trailers basically). Is there a way to ge...
05:58 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Gametrailers
Oh, didn't even know that! Thanks for clearing that out.


02:16 PM Movian Plugins: Gametrailers
It's been more than a year now I think that I haven't been able to use the plugin gametrailers. It used to work well,...
02:12 PM Movian Plugins: RE: The (sorry) state of the Youtube plugin
Thank you for making the youtube plugin better.
I noticed that with the latest version, there's no more option to ...

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