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10:57 PM Movian Android: RE: Android TV BOX (Amlogic Support) - Pirate Bay BUG
UPDATE 24.01.2017: After 23 days of dead replies on this forum I rushed to find a better torrent streamer player than...


12:11 AM Plugins Bug #3251 (New): Pirate Bay - Urgent
Pirate bay addon on android OS doesn't work, but on ps3 works.
So please can you fix it? :)
12:03 AM Movian Android: Android TV BOX (Amlogic Support) - Pirate Bay BUG
I got LG G4 and i am waiting for 4K android tv box from ebay and i bought it exclusive for movian use.
So please our...


09:48 PM Movian Bug #3075 (Rejected): x265 HEVC Codec
I have noticed that x265 HEVC codec overloads cpu, slowing down whole ps3 system and results to freezing and lagging ...

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