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06:10 PM Movian Bug #2994 (New): Loading of metadata stuck
On ps3 version sometimes we get loading icon for metadata stuck. Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Press square on ...


08:20 PM Movian Bug #2992 (New): Metadata is not saved for custom search items
On ps3 on bleeding edge version custom search metadata for films is NOT SAVED. After directory is reopened we have to...
08:18 PM Movian Feature #2991 (New): Grid mode is missing seen icons
On ps3 version bleeding edge movian does not have icons for mark as seen/unseen. Also no identification for seen film...


04:23 PM Movian Feature #2987 (New): Trailers
It would be a VERY useful feature to watch film trailer when choosing film from the list. Trailers could be loaded fr...
04:18 PM Movian Feature #2986 (New): Mark "watch later"
It would be very useful feature to mark films as "watch later". Currently we have only mark as "seen".
Simple scenar...


10:17 AM Movian Bug #2982 (Fixed): Delete file context menu missing
On ps3 movian with the latest version we are missing the delete file context menu option (even when it is enabled in ...

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