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08:53 PM Movian PS3: Change ip on ps3, not working
Hello. I'm using on the ps3. I live in Portugal and the courts banned from the web. meaning is not ...


12:05 AM Movian PS3: RE: CPU too slow to decode this video
I'm having this problem. I'm a bit of a noob on this issues. Can somebody explain how to fix this? Thx


07:30 PM Movian PS3: Cpu is too slow to decode this video
Hello. I'm using movian on the ps3 and using the app.
In some episodes of some shows ( not all) i,m gettin...


08:44 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Opensubtitles not working again
Hello. i'm having this problem and can't find a new update for movian. i'm on version 4.10.30
08:19 PM Movian PS3: Open subtitles not working
Hello, i´m using movian on the Ps3 and I have the opensubtitles plugin to use on, it was working fine until ...

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