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05:22 PM Movian Bug #3252: Plugin from kodi
Damir Hasic wrote:
> I don't even know how to install this in movian? :)
Just put that zip file to USB drive or S...


04:37 PM Movian UI: RE: EPG
I thought there was epg functionality for tv on last bleeding edge. maybe i misunderstood.


12:11 PM Movian UI: EPG
how does the epg work? directly on m3u file? any example please?


11:03 AM Movian General: RE: Subcategories?
thanks for the reply. sub categories on new pages it would be awesome :)


04:55 PM Movian Plugins: RE: How to delete m3u list from tv plugin from Linux?
thanks for the reply. I tried it works for adding a channel to favorite but not for deleting m3u list.


08:00 PM Movian Plugins: How to delete m3u list from tv plugin from Linux?
Hello I can't find how to delete m3u list from the tv plugin? I'm using the last bleeding version on Debian.
On my p...
07:53 PM Movian General: Subcategories?
what about putting subcategories to homepage form movian 5.0? the homepage with plugins and favorites ecc it becomes ...


07:55 PM Movian Bug #2805: Online tv (
with new update the ps3 goes always out of RAM


08:44 AM Movian PS3: RE: black screen audio ok
actually I found that the stream works when Movian goes out of RAM and it doesn't play it with cell codec. but if I r...


08:18 PM Movian PS3: RE: black screen audio ok
Hello, yes it's geo. I'm playing it from Italy. the stream works on Movian installed on Debian but on PS3 it gives me...

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