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05:52 PM Movian Bug #3319 (New): Crash with H264/AVC videos when using hardware acceleration
The problem is on all android devices I have: Smartphone (6.0.1), Sony Bravia (6.0.1), Xiaomi Mi TV Box (7.0).
I can...


05:25 PM Movian Plugins: RE: ArenaBG / Zamunda.Net / subsBG Plugins
All three plugins are updated. More info in the first post.
03:02 PM Movian Bug #3291: М3U playlist problem
Rural Hunter wrote:
> Thanks Dean!
And if someone needs the NACL version (for Google Chrome - very useful for tes...


03:45 PM Movian Bug #3291: М3U playlist problem
Here is the updated Movian 5.0.490 with the DVB-SUBTITLES fix for Playstation3. It is also available from multiMAN's ...


12:46 PM Movian Bug #3291: М3U playlist problem
in ext/libav/libavcodec/dvbsubdec.c: dvbsub_parse_display_definition_segment() and dvbsub_display_end_segment()
in s...


07:48 AM Movian Bug #3291: М3U playlist problem
Until there is an official fix here are the compiled 5.0.490 versions for RPi (ubuntu and STOS):


07:13 PM Movian Bug #3291: М3U playlist problem
I did some more tests and it turns out that the problem is with LIBAVDECODE library. After the latest libav update in...


10:37 AM Movian RPi: RE: How to run and compile movian on Lubuntu on rpi?
I don't think connman is working. I'm using it with wired ethernet (dhcp ip) and everything works fine.


01:41 PM Movian Bug #3296: RPi 2/3 Advanced Deinterlace
Looking at other projects and testing on my RPi2 and RPi3 this seems to give best looking picture (no flickering) and...


01:47 PM Movian Bug #3296 (New): RPi 2/3 Advanced Deinterlace
I noticed that using 3 buffers is often not enough for stable hardware deinterlace of 1920x1080i content. It works 2 ...

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