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12:24 PM Movian Plugins: VK plugin doesn't work anymore.
Yes it's working but if you already logged in before this issue. But now it's not working, if you reinstalled it agai...


12:43 AM Movian General: Is movian dying?
I really don't understand but i think movian is dying.. or finishing! Cause there's lot of Unanswered questions in fo...


08:18 PM Movian PS3: VK QR Code is empty
Hi friends,
I'm using movian 4.10 on ps3 and i've installed vk plugin but when i run it, qr code window is empty. ...
03:56 PM Movian Plugins: RE: VK plug-in issue in PS3 Multiman
Mean while when i've installed to previous version 4.10, VK QR Code is missing. Anyone can help me, please?
03:22 PM Movian Plugins: RE: VK plug-in issue in PS3 Multiman
nobody knows?


01:06 PM Movian Plugins: VK plug-in issue in PS3 Multiman
Hi fellas, i'm using movian 5.0.463 on PS3. And i've installed vk plug-in but when i open it, it says "Error: unable ...


12:50 AM Movian UI: RE: Old look and feel
Money? money is our hand's dirt. Your old look is much much better than this new look. make a servey about this :)


01:44 AM Movian UI: RE: Old look and feel
The New look is sucks! That's it. If you can do better, we will stay greteful :)


09:38 PM Movian PS3: RE: Black Ribbon for Hardsubs
been 10 months. still no answer?


11:44 PM Movian PS3: Black Ribbon for Hardsubs
Sometimes we are watching some movies with hardsubs. 2 subtitles are mixing on top, when we add a subtitle file on mo...

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