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08:59 PM Movian UI: Icons size in the new GUI
I really like the new UI. Thanks a lot for the tremendous job! I am just wondering if it is possible to make the icon...


07:58 PM Movian RPi: RE: Movian remote for iOS
mastu mastu wrote:
> I can't find it either. Yesterday I tried movian raspberry pi distro and found it quite good, e...


12:12 AM Movian Plugins: Plugin for etvnet
Dear plugin developers,
The only plugin which I miss on movian is a plugin for etvnet.com.
There are plugins availa...


10:39 PM Movian RPi: Movian remote for iOS
Hey guys,
I know there is a remote control app available for android.
Is there an app on apple store that could c...


09:39 PM Movian Bug #2700: Cannot install yts plugin
Leonid Protasov wrote:
> I tried the link and it works both on pc and in movian. Maybe your ISP filtering something?...


09:17 PM Movian Bug #2700: Cannot install yts plugin
Leonid Protasov wrote:
> Please attach the log: https://movian.tv/projects/movian/wiki/Logging
Please see attache...


02:10 PM Movian Bug #2700 (Fixed): Cannot install yts plugin
I cannot install yts plugin.
It's stuck on downloading.
System log says
Downloading plugin yts.re from http...


05:08 PM Movian RPi: RE: Enable VPN in Movian
Dear developers,
I am wondering will this tutorial work for Movian?


07:10 PM Movian Feature #2612 (New): VPN (PPTP and OpenVPN protocols) in Movian for RPi
In order to add possibility of securing web traffic and accessing geo-restricted contents, please add support of VPN ...
09:10 AM Movian RPi: RE: Enable VPN in Movian
I fully agree with Leonid that it's either a router's or OS's job.
And therefore I would like to submit a feature r...

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