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11:58 PM Movian Bug #3321 (New): Per-file settings corrupt data on ftp-server
If the option "Store per-file settings in filesystem" is enabled and there are write permissions via ftp/smb, then wh...


10:07 PM Movian PS3: RE: Torrent video streaming stops
Up. The bug still is on my PS3 with the latest Movian (bleeding edge).


11:09 PM Movian OS/X: Black screen on playing mp4/mkv files
There is no video when I try to play mkv/mp4 files. Only avi files are OK. I tested it on many different files.


11:44 AM Movian RPi: I need the latest Movian's version for RPi (files)
Please, somebody send me the files from the latest stable version for RPi (4.10.37)
Files I need: bin/showtime, bin/...


11:47 AM Movian PS3: Torrent video streaming stops
I changed wifi to the cable (wifi is too slow on ps3) and I found a very annoying bug:
After ~40 minutes torrent-vid...


07:26 AM Movian PS3: RE: Sometimes .torrent doesn't open
Ok, I've repeated the bug:
1) I open blabla.torrent and watch the movie.
2) I close the file and clean the bittor...


07:10 PM Movian PS3: Sometimes .torrent doesn't open
Sometimes I have the problem:
I open .torrent and watch it. Next, I close the file. When I try to open the .torrent ...


06:55 PM Movian RPi: RE: WiFi USB doesn't work
My TV is Philips 42PFL7404. I just installed libcec and it works.
On STOS hdmi-cec works too, but I had to install ...
10:07 AM Movian RPi: RE: WiFi USB doesn't work
It sounds sad. But the Raspbian already have all wifi drivers including the ralink for dwa-110. May release a .deb ve...


05:34 PM Movian RPi: WiFi USB doesn't work
I use Dlink DWA-110 for my RPi. It works with Raspbian, but the Movian doesn't see the adapter. For fix it I got all ...

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