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11:54 AM Movian PS3: RE: Split mkv playback problems
Hey thanks, that's a huge help! I didn't even know split files were supported.
On my first try, it didn't work in...


10:55 PM Movian PS3: Split mkv playback problems
I've using Showtime 4.2, playing mkv files I've created from BluRay discs, using HandBrake for the encoding. On larg...


12:21 PM Movian PS3: RE: Metadata problem
Just wanted to chime -- I'd love an option to manually adjust the display name too! It's mostly a problem with forei...


12:54 AM Movian PS3: Plex on PS3?
From the plugins section of the forums: https://www.lonelycoder.com/redmine/boards/16/topics/1344?r=5012#message-501...


07:12 AM Movian PS3: RE: Why is Red Squirrel always credited for Showtime?
Yeah I think the only reason is that Red Squirrel ends up posting on other PS3 forums. As Andreas said, Red Squirrel...


05:18 AM Movian PS3: RE: New animations!
Wow. That site is freaking cool. GREAT find.
Hopefully that can provide some good ideas, or maybe some actual code!


04:40 AM Movian PS3: RE: Movie/TVshow covers/thumbnails?
Kal-El Junior wrote:
> I don't think anytime soon, how hard can it be to set it up so that it just looks for the jpg...


09:54 PM Movian PS3: RE: Movie/TVshow covers/thumbnails?
Ugh, I would hate to have all my movies titled something like "Badabamba.2010.BluRay.720p.DTS.x264-CHD.mkv". I sure ...


12:57 AM Movian PS3: RE: Risk of installing showtime?
@Scott: I just realized that you might not even know that your firmware must be on 3.55 or below to even jailbreak i...
08:23 PM Movian PS3: RE: Risk of installing showtime?
Hmm, I'm not sure where you get your information, but first of all the PS3 has been hacked for over a year now. I be...

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