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03:26 PM Movian Feature #3188 (Fixed): HD Serials Plugin question
Hello Everybody,
I want to know if there is any chance of playing the HD Serials TV Shows in their original langua...


08:11 PM Movian Bug #3174: plugin issue
Thanks for your answer,
According what you say we dont have another option than become premium user?
04:35 PM Movian Bug #3174 (Fixed): plugin issue
Hello, plugin was working properly, but a few days ago I get this message after some time of playing a vi...


10:43 PM Movian Plugins: RE: plugin
Same issue here: "failed to process page" version 0.7.13. Thanks in advance for your support.


12:53 AM Movian Bug #2993 (Invalid): plugin problem
Currently plugin is not displaying the tv series episode list. When you choose any tv show you do not...


05:07 AM Plugins Bug #2972: plugin problem
Yes, it was working for a while but right now I get invalid base value.


11:22 PM Plugins Bug #2972: plugin problem
Now it's working. Thanks


06:54 PM Plugins Bug #2972 (Fixed): plugin problem
Hi! plugin has been actualized to 0.7.8 version, however it is no longer working, when I open it I get th...


09:35 PM Movian Bug #2935: plugin problem
Thanks a lot!
04:48 PM Movian Bug #2935: plugin problem
On PS3 Ororo plugin is no longer on plugin download list, and the actualization from 0.7.6 to 0.7.7 cant be done.

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