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08:19 PM Movian Bug #3191: yifi
Found something, i disabled fetch meta-data on both plugins and now they work again:)


07:05 PM Movian Bug #3191: yifi
Updated to bleeding edge version 5.0.401 on the PS3 keeps throwing me back to the XBMC with opening Yifi, EZRVapi and...


06:55 PM Movian Bug #3191: yifi
Updated to Latest bleeding edge and yifi and eztv plugins still keep crashing and returning my PS3 to the XMB.:(


10:11 PM Movian Bug #3191: yifi
Here are the logs, it crashes also with the EZTV plugin...


12:45 PM Movian Bug #3191: yifi
Rob Koni wrote:
> Interesting, could you provide a crash log?
As i get home i will try to provide a crashlog.


05:57 PM Movian Bug #3191 (Fixed): yifi
since the latest bleeding edge build on ps3 with crash fixes, yifi plugin crashes movian and ps3 returns to xmb.


03:46 PM Movian Bug #3189: Crashes on movian-5.0.314 (Bleeding Edge)
Same problem here, started happening Around bleeding edge version 5.0.308 this is the last version that starts withou...


05:48 PM Plugins Bug #2821 (Fixed): EZTVAPI plugin
Hi, the EZTVapi plugin needs the Domain/URL changed, the new URL is :
05:43 PM Movian Bug #2814: Yts error
Hi, the website of YIFI is up again, so don remove it yet. Only change needed is the Domain/URL, it is now : YTS.AG.


12:37 PM Movian Bug #2786 (Fixed): Add back seen markers
Hi, i am using the latest bleeding edge version of movian on the PS3.
There is no watched marker anymore when you co...

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