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03:02 AM Movian Bug #3200: Movian unable to launch when no 3D GPU is present
This also happened when I tried on another laptop with Chrome 49 (should technically do the trick)
Nvidia Geforce 10...


02:33 AM Movian Bug #3388 (New): Movian refreshes local network names only after reboot
You first have to restart Movian before it loads the changed network names. This may happen on all devices.


02:59 PM Movian Feature #722: Jump to specific time code
Related to #3315


12:04 AM Movian Feature #3381: Enable DVD playback on Android
Dean, you might need to have the
To mount ...
12:01 AM Movian Bug #3379: No video (or crash) when playing HD content in TS (MPEG-TS) container with HW accelera...
Possibly related to my bug #3373 although that is the same on the actual mp4 not only on the M3U8.


08:39 PM Movian Bug #3254: Bouncy icons after search
Version used 5.0.534 - YouTube 5.0.14
08:38 PM Movian Bug #3254: Bouncy icons after search
Does happen on ps3 too in the newest YouTube plugin.
See video in attachment.


01:51 AM Movian Bug #3042: Android version crashes on Intel X86 chipset tablet
Seems that there is now a X86 build running on Android 4.0.3 and up
01:48 AM Movian Android: RE: Android intel x86 support?
There is now an X86 build.


05:28 PM Movian Bug #3378 (New): Movian does not refresh IP after cable is plugged in
If Movian has no IP address and you plug the UTP cable in the back, the XMB gets an IP address automatically. You fir...

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