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  • Movian (Plugin Developer, 09/12/2014)


Reported issues: 124


09:41 PM Movian Bug #3373: Hardware decoder on PS3 freezes video with epoch mismatch
Video is H264 Level 4.1 1280x720 HLS - 25 FPS
09:39 PM Movian Bug #3373 (New): Hardware decoder on PS3 freezes video with epoch mismatch
Issue only happens on the PS3 hardware Cell decoder, not on the software decoder.
Does not happen on Android.


10:19 PM Movian Bug #3363 (New): Subtitle files in various extensions are not shown in directories
Even if "show only supported file types" is set to OFF
You don't know if you placed subtitle files in this central...
10:17 PM Movian Bug #3279: .vtt and .webvtt won't load
Seems fixed, detects .VTT subtitle files now (and quite possibly .webvtt also).


12:06 AM Movian Bug #3329: Play progress is incorrectly shown on hls and youtube items
Maybe duplicate of: #3068


06:40 PM Plugins Bug #3350: Youtube device authentication failes
Leonid Protasov wrote:
> You using Multiman's Movian version which is not supported. Please reproduce this on standa...


06:18 PM Movian Bug #3234: Subtitle S_DVBSUB problem
See here for the fix with DVBSUB problems
06:09 PM Movian Feature #3265: Add ability to add subtitle to currently playing movie via webui
This also accounts for videos with or without .vtt extension.
Or SSA, SUB, VOBSUB or else.


12:54 AM Movian Bug #3279: .vtt and .webvtt won't load
Subtitles with .vtt placed in central folders are NOT detected by Movian. Only .SRT
I had to convert first to .SRT...
11:48 PM Movian General: RE: movian for ps4
As discussed on the Telegram channel Andreas said that H264 decoding is done on the SPU and the status of that is unk...

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