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01:41 AM Movian Bug #3396 (New): Crash on pressing L1 twice
When watching a torrent file press L1 twice and crash. See log


04:37 PM Movian Bug #2804: [ERROR]:getsockopt failed for 0x40000046 -- No buffer space available
Here another log with the same error.


10:10 PM Movian Bug #3379: No video (or crash) when playing HD content in TS (MPEG-TS) container with HW accelera...
It even crashes my Android official build.
10:08 PM Movian Feature #3381: Enable DVD playback on Android
Dean Kasabow wrote:
> You probably misunderstood me. I compiled movĂ­an with DVD support and it works fine on Android...
10:06 PM Movian Bug #3382: audio/video async (HW acceleration is on)
Did you try this on the newest bleeding edge versions?
10:05 PM Movian Bug #3387: Subtitles name are truncated on PS3 Bleeding
Did you try to resize the text? There is no text scrolling so this is it.
10:03 PM Movian Bug #3392: Hiccups when watching certain mkv's on Sony Bravia (Android)
You might have to attach example files to verify this.
10:02 PM Movian Bug #3393: Movian time is wrong after a while
Can you show screenshots or logfiles to prove this?
10:00 PM Movian Bug #3395 (New): Memory allocation error
Memory allocation error when switching between plugin's which crashes the application on PS3
See logfile attached.


02:57 AM Movian Feature #3272: Audio passthrough
Leonid this is fixed in the modded version of Movian for Android by Dean. It has Audio passthrough

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