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12:41 AM Movian Bug #3254: Bouncy icons after search
Maybe already fixed in 5.0.449?
Refers to issue #3247 maybe
12:31 AM Movian Bug #3252: Plugin from kodi
czz 78 wrote:
> I have been looking at the source code of the kodi plugin developed in python, it is possible to mak...
12:29 AM Movian Bug #3254: Bouncy icons after search
Tested on Chrome version 5.0.441. 5.0.460 is not there yet.
12:28 AM Movian Bug #3254 (New): Bouncy icons after search
After search, press cursor key to the right.
Does not happen on ps3.
Example GIF:
12:21 AM Movian Bug #3212: PS3 Freezes on m3u8 playback
It works on the Chrome version 5.0.441 and 5.0.460 of ps3 now
12:16 AM Movian Bug #3046: If stream cannot be opened Movian tries to probe the file
In 5.0.460 is shows authentication without realm
12:10 AM Movian Bug #3199: Movian crashes on drag n drop mp3 which is probed as video-seekable
Bug is still present in 5.0.460.
When playing mp3, drag n drop a new one. Sound stutters and then Movian crashes.
12:04 AM Movian Bug #3202: Weird UI behavior bumpy icons
Seems fixed in 5.0.460
11:55 PM Movian Bug #3096: Not able to clear custom background image field
Seems fixed in 5.0.460.
SQUARE on ps3 to reset the field
Longpress on touchscreens.
11:42 PM Movian Feature #2236: Support for browsing for subtitles
Related to bug 3092.
At all times you need to be able to browse to subtitles and/or custom search string on Opens...

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