Rob Koni

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  • Movian (Plugin Developer, 09/12/2014)


Reported issues: 116


03:10 AM Movian Bug #3277: Audio stutters on seeking in Chrome
Still present in 5.0.488
03:06 AM Movian Bug #3102: Movian Chrome crashes on set mute via Unofficial Android remote
Seems fixed in 5.0.488
If it reoccurs I reply
03:00 AM Movian Feature #3133: Screenshot possibility on all systems
Dupe with #3172
03:00 AM Movian Feature #3126: Mouse cursor support on Pi Zero
Since Kodi and Movian are an OpenGL overlay this can be fixed but probably better to have mouse over VNC (for the tim...
02:56 AM Movian Feature #3185: Pi Zero USB soundcards
I requested Movian to be compiled in DietPi but that may take a while. DietPi has build in USB DAC drivers.
Also, th...
02:45 AM Movian Bug #3313: Crash on resumé of torrent
Here is another logfile, which crashes on exit of playback of another torrent
There is clearly a panic seen and ma...


06:41 PM Movian Bug #3313 (New): Crash on resumé of torrent
See logfile. Movian crashes back to XMB
Playback from plugin but shouldnt matter...


05:21 PM Movian Bug #3310 (New): Video stays black while audio is playing
On the XMB player some of these episodes work, while others don't.
Video freezes while audio continues to play.


09:59 PM Movian Bug #3309 (New): Video playback of Youtube stops on eject button
You cannot swap discs while playing Youtube video's for example.
Video stopsinstead of continues playing.


03:56 AM Movian Bug #3308 (New): Video cannot be fast forwarded on PS3 but can on Android
Both PS3 and Android versions are 5.0.488
On the Android build this video forwards fine. On the PS3 it gives epoch m...

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