Rob Koni

  • Registered on: 06/07/2014
  • Last connection: 08/30/2017


  • Movian (Plugin Developer, 09/12/2014)


Reported issues: 118


01:31 AM Movian Bug #461: Arabic subtittle problem
Fixes for RTL support are here:


04:07 AM Movian Bug #3313: Crash on resumé of torrent
Possibly related to issue #3085


03:07 AM Movian Bug #3312: MOVIAN IS DEAD
Maybe you should wait or code something yourself. Shouting in capslock isn't going to help.
03:04 AM Movian Bug #3314: Movian Chrome plugin window crashes on Exit
See chrome logfile in order to supply a logfile. Without it it will be hard to see where it failed. Before you submit...
03:01 AM Movian Bug #3316 (New): Small typo in about screen
Movian still mentions 2016 in the about section, instead of 2017


01:02 AM Movian Feature #3315 (New): Support for Youtube time jump
For example:
t=1929 jumps directly to 32 mins 9 seconds of the video
If ...


03:10 AM Movian Bug #3277: Audio stutters on seeking in Chrome
Still present in 5.0.488
03:06 AM Movian Bug #3102: Movian Chrome crashes on set mute via Unofficial Android remote
Seems fixed in 5.0.488
If it reoccurs I reply
03:00 AM Movian Feature #3133: Screenshot possibility on all systems
Dupe with #3172
03:00 AM Movian Feature #3126: Mouse cursor support on Pi Zero
Since Kodi and Movian are an OpenGL overlay this can be fixed but probably better to have mouse over VNC (for the tim...

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