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11:12 PM Movian Feature #3238: Twitch.tv quality
GoldenFish GoldenFish wrote:
> Hello. I try your recommendation - but after upload modified zip - plugin is not work...


06:35 PM Movian Feature #3238: Twitch.tv quality
with the *['0', '720p30', true]* all other streams that runs source,high,medium,low will be bad quality .. but you ca...
04:16 PM Movian Feature #3238 (Fixed): Twitch.tv quality
Some streams is showed in low quality am guessing because of source is 1080p with 60fps witch PS3 don't support.


09:35 PM Movian Feature #3190 (Fixed): Copy file/folder from USB/LAN/FTP etc
Hi, i use movian with USB harddrive, LAN server/pc and FTP.
It would be awesome with a menu to copy of file/folder ...
09:13 PM Movian Bug #3189 (Fixed): Crashes on movian-5.0.314 (Bleeding Edge)
Hi, updated to Bleeding Edge after a long holiday.
Seems to be very unstable and crash PS3 after using plugins like ...


02:34 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Ororo.tv plugin
Anyone having problems with playing videos : HTTP error: 404 ?
Can login fine and see the lists etc but error when...
01:37 PM Movian PS3: RE: Change ip on ps3, ororo.tv not working
It's properly just a DNS block, so try this:
Try change the DNS setting.
PS3 : Settngs : Network Settings : Inter...


12:29 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Plex client for Showtime
Does the plugin not work with "free" account anymore via WAN?
Not working here nither through the icon/shortcut Pl...


05:02 PM Movian Bug #2814: Yts error
YTS/YIFY has been shutdown for good:


01:39 PM Movian Bug #2796 (Fixed): Page settings
"Page settings" seems to popup a lot more to the right when browsing around in folders where media can be played.

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