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10:47 PM Movian PS3: Hi, does Showtime work with 4.65 CFW?
Ive just updated my ps3 cfw to 4.65 . Will showtime still work for me?


06:59 PM Movian PS3: Request of Apps for Showtime
I thought it be great to gather all peoples votes on what Apps we wants on Showtime .

After you write an App I ga...


02:01 PM Movian General: Legal ?
I just wanted to ask one thing. Are you gonna keep Showtime legal ? Like I love to see more features like XBMC...


12:28 AM Movian PS3: RE: showtime 4.4 , how to install . important
okey i got it to work.. donwload the showtime . pkg - not gh ...
after instrallation, restart your ps3.. i nvideo...
12:25 AM Movian PS3: showtime 4.4 , how to install . important
In the download section there is 3 different files . I tried the showtime 4.4 pkg..
installed it and showtim...


04:31 PM Movian PS3: How do I update Showtime 4.3.698 to 4.4 ?
Its on PS3
I tried in-application update but i recieve this message :
An error occured during download HTTP error...


10:22 PM Movian PS3: Showtime : Only XBMC App to PS3
How great isn't this Application? You can stream Twitch, Channels, and episodes from alot
of different streaming cha...

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