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09:03 PM Movian Bug #2537: UMS: No Fast-Forward
The reason I use UMS in this case is because it's a 10bit video. Otherwise I just stream my video normally and it wor...
06:16 PM Movian Bug #2537: UMS: No Fast-Forward
Sure, here it is.
02:05 PM Movian Bug #2537: UMS: No Fast-Forward
Leonid Protasov wrote:
> Is this still reproducible on 4.9.134?
I've made the upadte just now. And yes, the probl...


06:21 PM Movian Bug #2537 (Rejected): UMS: No Fast-Forward
I've set up *Universal Media Server* this week, using the default configuration for wireless network. It works p...


03:04 PM Movian Bug #2266: Subtitles not showing
chris file wrote:
> Hello
> The *subtitles* are not be displayed correctly at all(i have tested english and greek)....


08:05 PM Movian Feature #2232 (Rejected): 10bit on PS3 : Will it ever be possible?
The title says it all. I've read almost all there is to read about this subject, but you were never clear as to ...

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