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07:29 AM Movian PS3: YOUTUBE on 4.10.41
hi im still using the older interface 4.10.41 and youtube videos does not load anymore :( its the error 'Unhandled HT...


05:41 PM Movian Plugins: no plugins?
what happened to all the plugins, has it been discontinued? :(


08:53 PM Movian General: RE: movian for ps4
the latest exploit is on the 4.55. just to let u guys know :)


08:26 AM Movian PS3: online tv
hi. i noticed there's been constant updates on this plugin and im very happy about that, this is my favorite app :) p...


12:34 PM Movian General: RE: Is movian dying?
maybe u can start with me? i know u dont even get paid for this so i really appreciate ur work.
so can u fix the on...


05:47 AM Movian PS3: RE: plugins
oh im using the older version 4.10.38. thats probly why then


06:34 AM Movian PS3: RE: plugins
try uninstalling then installing again. make sure its version 0.4.8. i also have *enable metadata fetching* unchecked...


01:29 AM Movian PS3: RE: plugins
hope that helps for ya :)


05:26 AM Movian PS3: RE: plugins
yts works fine with me. but online tv has been off for many months now, its a shame. that was my favorite app.


01:05 PM Movian PS3: cannot add or like videos
hi, im using the latest update but im still not able to like videos on youtube or add video to favorites on navi-x or...

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