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07:51 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Shoutcast
A thousand kudos. Now I can find Radio Paradise! I expected the search to be within the plugin, and not through the...


12:45 AM Movian PS3: RE: ted talks plugin
Having the same issue :( Maybe contact the author directly? He was able to fix the same problem before and it seems...
12:34 AM Movian Plugins: TED Talks
This plugin was fixed a couple of years back but for about a year or more, it no longer works on PS3. Directory list...
12:31 AM Movian Plugins: Shoutcast
I have loved using shoutcast through winamp over the years, and seeing it as a plugin for showtime was a welcome addi...


04:37 AM Movian PS3: increasing buffer size for streaming media
Watching video through Ororo.tv only results in hiccup'ed video day or night. I wish it was my internet connection, ...

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