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09:40 PM Movian General: Any PS3 plugin to watch LATE NIGHT TALKSHOWS?
Conan, Colbert and many more, with lots of older aired ones would be nice too.


09:51 PM Movian Plugins: REDTUBE plugin not working
Iprot's plugin stopped working a month ago on ps3 movian.
The plugin opens, shows all content but videos wont start....
09:45 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Adult Movies plugin
Redtube was my favorite and it stopped working two months ago.
Anybody knows iprot's email?


07:36 AM Movian PS3: RE: Movian Subtitles BUGS and Glitches
Here are pictures of what i see


05:05 AM Movian PS3: Movian Subtitles BUGS and Glitches
When i watch series with subtitles on, after a few minutes the screen starts to glitch, and you see all kind of annoy...


06:27 AM Movian PS3: RE: Showtime plugin doesn't work since 2 days
Yep, it resolved it. I can't live without that great plugin.:)


12:27 AM Movian PS3: Showtime plugin doesn't work since 2 days
It logs in without asking for a username password (i tried removing/reinstalling the pkg from usb drive but nothing c...


10:25 PM Movian Bug #2383 (Fixed): "No players found for sources" on for ps3
it appeared this week when trying to start a movie i get a black screen with this message.
Also simply movies show...
10:17 PM Movian PS3: No players found for sources... anyone knows how to fix?
I get this when trying to play a movie from the plugins, since about a week.
Anyone knows how to contact the ...


08:13 AM Movian PS3: EX.UA + YTS.RE + Simply Movies Issues
Things that worked last week and dont anymore even after removing/reinstalling the plugins
EX.UA = it used to show...

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