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06:25 PM Movian PS3: RE: PS3 Keypad
Thx Andreas!
I guess thats equals support for the keypad then! :)


06:45 PM Movian PS3: PS3 Keypad
Does the input search field, support the ps3 keypad? anybody knows?


11:37 PM Movian General: RE: Movie metadata
Andreas Ă–man wrote:
> I wanted to start a discussion around metadata for movies. There's a bunch of things ...
11:08 PM Movian Feature #559: movie information & trailers
I tested it out, seems nice.
As you said it is not perfect, but i like it.
If you want some titles it having prob...


06:24 PM Movian General: RE: rtsp ? wont play
Im not sure, but try?
rtsp://username:[email protected]:9981/service/_dev_dvb_adapter0_Samsung_S5H1409_QAM_8V...


10:05 PM Movian Feature #559: movie information & trailers
09:59 PM Movian Feature #559 (Fixed): movie information & trailers
There is a mediacenter called Boxee, you can watch movies and series from your computer via the mediacenter (like sho...


06:07 PM Movian PS3: RE: Buildning for PS3.
Is it possible to easily compile showtime with latest PSL1GHT yet? Or there are still this issues? im no linux expert:P


11:11 PM Movian PS3: RE: Build error in current git?


10:21 PM Movian PS3: RE: plugin development help for pelisalacarta (actual XBMC plugin)
Do i have to compile the pkg with my plugin, or is it possible to just put the plugin js files into the ps3?

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