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09:12 AM Movian Bug #1697: Metadata Issue
It is over UPnP/DLNA server. I am using Universal Media Server.
Thanks for the fix
02:38 AM Movian Bug #1697: Metadata Issue
I have managed to fix the issue by moving the offending files out of the folder and then placing them back in
02:09 AM Movian Bug #1697: Metadata Issue
I have attached some pictures to help explain what is happening.
Picture 1 shows you the showtime screen while pic...


11:47 PM Movian Feature #1698 (Fixed): Mark all as seen
I think it would be handy to be able to mark an entire folder of movies or tv shows 'as seen' with a single menu item...
11:43 PM Movian Bug #1697 (Fixed): Metadata Issue
Metadata seems to be associated with the position of a file as apposed to the file itself.
I use a folder with my ...
11:32 PM Movian General: RE: Movie metadata
Firstly I just wanted to say thanks, showtime is fantastic!
> I wanted to start a discussion around metadata for m...

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