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02:46 PM Movian Bug #3017 (Fixed): "automatically detect subs from this source" option is not changeable
in the subtitle settings menu, choosing to use a source for subtitles also seems to turn on the feature of Movian aut...
02:44 PM Movian PS3: RE: Youtube plugin not working as expected
You can search via the bar at the top of the home screen, that's what I do because the YT plugin itself is borked for...


12:10 PM Movian Bug #1773 (Fixed): Program crashes when it goes to play next video on media server
I watch video stored on my pc via Tversity and since a couple of updates back Showtime has now started crashing back ...


01:10 AM Movian PS3: RE: Showtime crash on ps3 when skipping episodes or when it plays another file in a list.
I have the same problem, also confined to files on a server. I did make a topic ages ago about the "automatically pl...


02:05 PM Movian PS3: RE: "Automatically play next video in list" option does not work for me
I watch files stored on my PC via TVersity. Did a bit of experimenting and found that local files stored on PS3 HDD ...


09:34 PM Movian PS3: "Automatically play next video in list" option does not work for me
Issue summed up in the title, really. Been using this port for quite a while now (and enjoying it very much indeed t...

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