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10:22 AM Movian UI: RE: Modern UI Skin
Thank you.
I understand what you want.
I don't know if it's possible.
I didn't tried for the moment to code it.


03:47 PM Movian UI: RE: Modern UI Skin
Here I am with another preview of my work.
I made a new home which might be more practical to use and much more beau...


03:30 PM Movian Feature #1121: Add to metadata sources for TV series
I'd be glad to see it too :-)
11:05 AM Movian UI: RE: Modern UI Skin
Here's another preview of another view with a blurred background of a fanart (Sweeney todd actually, just to try). I ...
09:05 AM Movian UI: RE: Modern UI Skin
Also, is it possible to display in the background, a blurred fanart of the selected movie? (as in XBMC)
09:02 AM Movian UI: RE: Modern UI Skin
Ok, I'm working on it.
Could you send me a screenshot of the default movie view please? I'm not at home and I don't ...


04:34 PM Movian UI: Modern UI Skin
I started today a skin project for Showtime.
I just made a few mokups in Illustrator.
It's only draft atm but ...

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