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07:53 PM Movian Bug #1695 (Fixed): .rar browsing over SMB hangs/crashes
In one of the recent "testing" versions browsing of RAR archives (at least over SMB, haven't tried local) stopped wor...


11:40 PM Movian Plugins: Youtube plugin - remembered position issues
[Love the plugin]
Various information having been collected from extensive usage of the Youtube plugin and ...


11:13 AM Movian PS3: RE: 4.3.30 crashes, then closes to xmb
Verified, same thing happened here after updating from the testing branch.
PS3 60GB FAT, Rogero 2.03, launching Sh...


01:44 PM Movian Plugins: RE: svt play
Inoffical REST/JSON SVT Play API:


03:13 PM Movian OS/X: OS/X build
I couldn't see a pre built binary for OSX anywhere so I just tried out the OS/X support and build instructions on Mou...


06:54 PM Movian Feature #1518: *.sub (microdvd) support
@open ps3
The attached .sub (as downloaded from is text based. As I wrote, the difference betwe...


10:37 PM Movian Feature #1518 (Fixed): *.sub (microdvd) support
After having started using opensubtitles in Showtime I've realized that a lot of times the only subs in the correct f...


11:07 PM Movian PS3: RE: 4.1.386 some crashes and one suggestion
I think so - I've played a few videos in a row without crashing with 387 now. I also suspected the subtit...
04:12 PM Movian PS3: RE: 4.1.386 some crashes and one suggestion
4.1.386 crashes for me on every second video shown. After restart, one video works and the next crashes again.


06:52 PM Movian PS3: RE: AutoUpdate to 4.1.270 don't work on CFW RogerO 4.30 2.03
I can verify that updating Showtime test builds from within the Showtime supplied with Multiman works fine. I've done...

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