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08:14 PM Movian Wiki edit: FAQ (#48)
08:09 PM Movian Wiki edit: FAQ (#47)
08:07 PM Movian Wiki edit: Features (#41)
07:48 PM Movian Feature #3289 (New): Register Movian as .torrent handler
On android alot of other players register themself as .torrent file handlers but Movian doesn't do that. You can make...


10:43 PM Movian Wiki edit: Chrome_logging (#2)


09:24 PM Movian Bug #3249 (New): Crash with Exception occured at releaseOutputBuffer


09:26 PM Movian Bug #2968 (Rejected): Stop combos are not working since moving to libcec
To reproduce try to enable corresponding option in TV control in settings and on the home screen try to move items...
09:04 PM Movian Feature #2967 (New): Make clock the same style as title in videoplayback mode
08:59 PM Movian Bug #2961 (Fixed): After turning off the power settings are not saved
This is fixed in latest be versions.


11:09 AM Movian RPi: RE: LG TV CEC issue cobmo actions
Andreas Smas wrote:
> Question is if one qualifier button is enough.... Like only use STOP or so?
I suppose that ...

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