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Reported issues: 696


12:30 PM Movian Wiki edit: JSAPI_page (#33)
12:29 PM Movian Wiki edit: JSAPI_page (#32)


09:27 AM Movian Bug #3372 (New): Movian skips subtitle tracks on probing
The sample http://samples.ffmpeg.org/MPEG-VOB/ClosedCaptions/Starship_Troopers.vob...
07:58 AM Movian Bug #3360: In grid mode the row doesn't resize untill all icons in the row are loaded
Icons may never load so it's better to resize the raw on any icon arrival or on timer if it was resized less times th...


10:13 PM Movian Feature #3338 (Need feedback): Bookmark channels
Do you mean Favorites in Online TV plugin or something else?
10:08 PM Movian Feature #3371 (New): Add subtitle format to osd_subs.view
DVB streams often have different type subtitles with the same language. It's hard to select the type you need.


01:55 PM Movian Feature #3340 (Need feedback): Shortcut of channels
Can you please add some screenshots to see what do you mean?
01:54 PM Movian Feature #3364 (Fixed): Ability to shuffle playing content
No feedback so I'm closing it.
01:53 PM Movian Bug #3370 (New): Add WebSocket support
Example URL to be played:...


03:43 PM Movian Bug #3369 (New): Language codes of some DVB streams are not recognized

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