Leonid Protasov

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  • Movian (Moderator, Plugin Developer, Plugin admin, 08/04/2013)
  • Plugins (Developer, Contributor, Moderator, 01/06/2018)


Reported issues: 697


10:41 AM Movian Bug #3383 (New): Crash on HLS play


11:21 PM Movian Bug #3261: PS3 Showtime 4.09.430 // showtime.httpReq no Redirect to ddgu.ddos-guard.net and no Se...
It doesn't work in 5.x because on parked redirected connection you get endless redirect and it ends with Request dest...
11:03 PM Movian Revision e70adb24 (git): fixes dvbsubs position on HD channels: video_overlay.c
11:03 PM Movian Bug #3365 (Fixed): Movian is not able to connect to some server by HTTPS
Applied in changeset commit:git|73845eb6ea46e86d597508b8485806e0de6aecb9.
11:03 PM Movian Revision 73845eb6 (git): updated to mbed 1.3.22 release and applied ssl_handshake() fix, fixes #3...
modified: polarssl-1.3/README.rst
modified: polarssl-1.3/include/polarssl/aes.h
modified: polarssl-1.3/includ...


05:07 PM Movian Bug #3361 (Fixed): Movian can't make https request on Linux and Android to some servers
Applied in changeset commit:git|b81d305c3bba484f05d5ee98c0df31ec397ea70d.
05:07 PM Movian Revision b81d305c (git): bumped year, changed SSL connect mode to auto SSL/TLS, fixes #3361: ne...
07:35 AM Movian Bug #3375 (Fixed): Youtube Plugin Error - Error: could not extract signature deciphering actions
Fixed in 5.0.13
02:43 AM Movian Revision fd0a3359 (git): bumped year, updated versions, added missing libavahi-client-dev to depe...
added proxy to help info: main.c
02:42 AM Movian Revision 9cf30493 (git): added *.vtt and *.webvtt subtitles support, fixes #3279: subtitles.c

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