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06:13 PM Movian PS3: RE: New show time update stops DLNA play
weird i updated back to the newer version and now it is working, must of been something on my end.
07:27 AM Movian PS3: New show time update stops DLNA play
With the new update I am not able to play any videos from the DLNA server on my home network. This was a issue before...


04:53 PM Movian PS3: RE: revision3 plugin not showing anything anymore
Thanks! but now it just lists the channels, but when you go and click on any of them, it just errors. so it is not wo...


10:51 PM Movian Bug #1672 (Fixed): REvision 3 pluggin
The Revision3 Pluggin for ps3, is no longer working, can it be updated?
10:50 PM Movian Plugins: Revision3 no listing anything anymore!
This is one of my fav must used pluggins... and it stopped showing videos! please! bring it back to life!


05:13 PM Movian PS3: revision3 plugin not showing anything anymore
what happened? it was my fav plugin.


04:57 PM Movian PS3: RE: Gametrailers plugin missing Showtime 4.2
yeah it is not listed no more, i had to reinstall showtime due to the new bug and now can not DL it.


05:54 PM Movian Bug #1607: Navi-X Crash
I should add that I have tried this on 2 ps3's now, and both with the same effet, crash after the update.
05:50 PM Movian Bug #1607 (Fixed): Navi-X Crash
with the latest test update, going to navi x and going to the most watched 24 hours or 7 day crashes back to the xmb,...
05:43 PM Movian PS3: Navi-x Craches after new test update
well, it seems that when i am in navi x, and go to either the top 24 or top 7 day or basically anything that makes it...

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