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06:13 AM Plugins Feature #3258: Request - New Subtitle Plugin
What I meant is that open subtitles only has subtitles for popular movies, most of the time I go to subdivx to downlo...


12:12 AM Plugins Feature #3258 (New): Request - New Subtitle Plugin
There is a site called subdvix and they are #1 for Spanish subtitles, I was wondering if someone can create a plugin ...
07:51 PM Movian Bug #3257 (New): Matadata Option not Working
The option in Metadata to keep the original file name is not working, it always renames it.


08:03 PM Movian Feature #3248 (New): Export and Import Theme
Please add an option to export and import the "current theme" (background, icons, Widget positions, bookmarks). I did...


08:50 PM Movian Feature #3210 (New): Advanced options for Metadata
I would be awesome if the metadata will have more options or advance options for metadata, like extra option to keep ...


06:57 PM Movian Bug #3162 (New): Metadata - No rating information
When I enter the information of a movie it doesn't give the rating of how many votes was given.


09:24 PM Movian Plugins: RE: The (sorry) state of the Youtube plugin
I would like to say that the new plugin is way better than the previous one, it feels faster and smother, event the l...


10:52 PM Movian Bug #3081: Prioritize external subtitles over embedded subtitles and list them in the right order
That also happens to me on Android and PS3, the first ones on the list are the ones from opensubtitles, then external...
05:49 AM Movian Feature #3080 (Fixed): Screensaver Shuffle time option
It would be nice if you can add the option to select the amount of time that each picture shows.
05:28 AM Movian Bug #3079 (New): Fonts not taking effect
I tried to use new fonts but it only takes effect for subtitles.The logs don't show any error, I tried on Android and...

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