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09:50 PM Movian Bug #3312: Streamlive.to is not working in online tv plugin

> i'm very happy with Movian it fast,easy,beautiful
> use ALL the TIME
I totally agree, Just because plugins h...


12:25 PM Movian UI: Cast Function
Not sure how it works, but is there a way to cast Movian to other devices like Kodi and plex can?
thank you as alw...


04:14 AM Movian PS3: RE: I Still Use The 4.10.xx Version.
Fábio Ferreira wrote:
> May you give some examples of previous plugins you refer?
Well I did have a list, but aft...


11:23 PM Movian PS3: RE: I Still Use The 4.10.xx Version.
I like that the little ticks next to a completed video are back, which makes tv series' a lot easier to follow.
The ...


07:37 PM Movian Bug #3174: Ororo.tv plugin issue
Non premium users of ororo.tv get 60 mins free every 24 hours, however this limit never applied to users of the plugi...
04:42 PM Movian PS3: RE: I Still Use The 4.10.xx Version.
I also still have Movian 4.xx on my ps3, largely due to the lack of TMDb support, but i do feel the new design doesn'...


09:52 PM Movian Plugins: RE: The (sorry) state of the Youtube plugin
Good work Andreas :)


05:54 AM Movian Android: Does movian support chromecast?
I searched the forums and even googled "showtime/movian chromecast" but found no results. I haven't purchased one yet...
05:44 AM Movian Google Native Client: Hardware acceleration support
Playback has always been a bit jerky/shuddery on my home pc but I never got any "cpu too slow" messages so i just sti...


11:52 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Ororo.tv plugin
Dennis Kotter wrote:
> Hey,
> thank you so much for your continued support. Sadly I've run into another problem...

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