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06:55 PM Movian PS3: RE: Latest Revisions
Just a little suggestion to Andreas THA MAN ;) would be great to have a update option include so u can update to lat...
06:47 PM Movian PS3: RE: MKV playback issues
oh i missed tht buffer meter gonna check it out tonight :)!
02:13 PM Movian PS3: RE: MKV playback issues
the latest :( v2.99-284 tht is


08:35 PM Movian PS3: MKV playback issues
hopefully we could use 1 thread for alla mkv issues making it easier to se if any1 else talk about it before ;).


10:47 PM Movian PS3: RE: Andoma, what are your goals for the next release ???
i nice thing might be to make it that instead of installing it so it shows up in the game section i ends up unde vide...


08:51 PM Movian PS3: RE: .rar i nätverk
mattias But seems like it works with compressed rars from usb and not sure but think i coundt see rar files over my n...
08:39 PM Movian PS3: RE: .rar i nätverk
yes va så jag menade och tackar för snabba svaren , GRYMT KUL med media spelare ser verkligen fram emot att se utvec...
03:50 PM Movian PS3: .rar i nätverk
skulle vara grymt om man kunde spela upp rar i nätverk oxå , jag kunde iaf bara spela .rar från usb minnen men kanske...

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