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06:31 AM Movian PS3: RE: Subtitles (opensubtitles) not displaying
Never mind. It magically started working again right after I posted this. :P Weirdest thing ...
06:17 AM Movian PS3: Subtitles (opensubtitles) not displaying
My subtitles (via opensubtitles plugin) stopped working the last couple of days. I can see the list of subtitles dis...


06:31 PM Movian PS3: Forced filename display and sort when metadata is present
Is there a way to force showtime to display and sort on the actual filename when there's metadata present in the file...


03:07 AM Movian PS3: RE: NAS (Samba) login problem
I don't know which version this "bug" started appearing. I've been wanting to upgrade from my old version 3.3.143 but...


12:08 AM Movian PS3: NAS (Samba) login problem
My NAS (Samba) drive is currently setup with no username/password protection. I can't log in with newer versions of ...

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