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04:34 AM Movian General: downloads not working?
Is there a reason why the downloads are not working?
I like to have a Movian for my ShieldTV.


06:03 PM Movian Feature #3398 (New): Support Cropping in mkv's
I've got some mkv's which have cropping set (to block out hardcoded subtitles for instance), but movian does nothing ...


01:38 AM Movian General: RE: No local network
Thank you very much, that did the trick, now I at least have a workaround.
The share I try is a local PC (windows...


09:27 PM Movian General: No local network
Movian really has problems with SMB it seems.
Due to my old router dying I had to setup a new router, it had a new n...


11:45 PM Movian PS3: RE: No local network
Hmm just tested it on another PS3 with an older build (the one from brewology) but it also didn't show the local netw...


11:12 PM Movian PS3: No local network
I don't know what happened, but for some reason I cannot see my local PC anymore, I can see it with my Nexus 5.


09:32 PM Movian General: RE: SMB shares some work, some dont (Windows 10 Fall creators update)
ok, right after I wrote the question, I got the idea of checking the Event Viewer..
And low and behold, it actually ...
08:51 PM Movian General: SMB shares some work, some dont (Windows 10 Fall creators update)
After reinstalling Windows 10 Fall creators update I have problems with some shares giving me an _SMB Error 0x...


12:35 AM Movian General: RE: SMB protocol update
I encounted the "Samba: Socket read error during negoation" after I reinstalled my windows 10 completey, and it doesn...


04:10 AM Movian PS3: RE: BluRays and DVDs won't play
It would be nice if there was a possibility if movian would be able to play a dvd or a bluray directly (I think the l...

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