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07:06 PM Movian Bug #3074: paste from buffer to search bar not working
Just use drag and drop.
if you need search something just type search:something and drag and drop to movian.
01:47 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Ororo.tv plugin
i think must work for right now.(0.8.4)
be careful when you type u/p because movian has bug or site don't work right...


12:37 AM Movian Plugins: RE: Rutracker plugin
Just open torrent directly. Also you can use Bookmarklet


09:59 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Kaban.tv
done. use betapass buksa


09:51 PM Movian Bug #3312: MOVIAN IS DEAD
https://youtu.be/HFAMYInHtXw as you see if stream is dead can't play at vlc too
if you need iptv just make a right p...
06:08 AM Movian Bug #3312: MOVIAN IS DEAD
M3u_playlist was made as example right now Movian can play simple M3U playlist.
onlineTV work fine if you have playl...


08:13 PM Movian Bug #3301: Iptv list not playing
play list what you have has spicific format for KODI
errors you got because don't have requirement for request
08:08 PM Movian Bug #3312: MOVIAN IS DEAD
all yours "bugs" what you post related to iptv
almost all playlist what you use ralated to kodi they have diffirent...


11:07 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Ororo.tv plugin
works fine for me on RPI and Chrome i can browse and play shows
try 0.8.3
enable compression and cache for pages


08:55 PM Movian Plugins: RE: Ororo.tv plugin
up to 0.8.2 you can try with betapass

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