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04:36 AM Movian Bug #3243: Ororo error
Also you can try contact ororo.tv and ask them rewrite plugin how they did with kodi plugin
04:32 AM Movian Bug #3243: Ororo error
I think you need buy subscription.
Don't have paid account. Don't use plugin.


01:26 AM Movian PS3: RE: Issues with all video
;) log plz


04:50 PM Movian Bug #3189: Crashes on movian-5.0.314 (Bleeding Edge)
to reproduce do global search then open 'See more" with enter will get crash
@00:00:22.029: navigator [INFO ]:...
04:44 PM Movian Bug #3189: Crashes on movian-5.0.314 (Bleeding Edge)
have solution until bug will be fixed change page layout to grind
03:54 PM Movian Bug #3187: asyncPaginator


06:42 PM Movian Feature #3188: HD Serials Plugin question
No HDSerial has only 1audio track
03:09 PM Movian Bug #3187: asyncPaginator
to reproduce open youtube:channel:UCWnNKC1wrH_NXAXc5bhbFnA
make bookmark
open bookmark
go back repeat a few tim...
07:44 AM Movian Bug #3187 (Fixed): asyncPaginator
can reproduce in youtube Opening --> youtube:channel:UCWnNKC1wrH_NXAXc5bhbFnA i just look on slider


01:02 AM Movian Bug #3180: Movian Plugin : HD Serials / Listing of movies
new version up 1.0.2

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