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06:58 PM Movian General: RE: Movie metadata
For movies I have:
1 folder per movie with the cover art inside
For TV Shows I have:
2 folders
1 per show and a...


02:23 PM Movian Feature #1191: Folder Cover Art
cool thanks looking forward to it :)


08:46 PM Movian Feature #1191 (Fixed): Folder Cover Art
I know there's for example movie.mkv movie.jpg it shows on the right but
for people how have lots of folders for tv ...


11:18 PM Movian Bug #851: Some Folders Showing Twice (Browsing The List)
I put some files onto my hard-drive and then went to showtime but this time there was no duplicate folders... very st...
09:41 PM Movian Bug #851 (Fixed): Some Folders Showing Twice (Browsing The List)
I updated 3.4 earlier after that I noticed that about a quarter of the folders on my usb are on the list twice with t...


09:01 PM Movian Feature #849 (New): Cover Art (Folders)
Cover Art, Have the images as, and [name_of_folder].xxx (inside the folder)
So when browsing th...
08:54 PM Movian Feature #848 (Fixed): Hide Recycled System Volume Information + thumb.db
To hide Recycled & System Volume Information Folders, thumb.db from Showtime


01:34 PM Movian PS3: Requests
Hi just want to say thanks very much for making showtime its awesome
videos play really well I really like the desig...


12:13 AM Movian PS3: RE: Movie/TVshow covers/thumbnails?
Is there anyway way to have cover art but for browsing folders
Have the images as or or name_of...

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