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09:35 PM Movian Bug #3160 (Fixed): android TV can't open local network
I install Movian on my Tv android and ps3. I found som bug
- i downloaded lastest version 5.0.161 on android ...
09:14 PM Movian Feature #3159: Support tv 4k android
I know how to install Movian on TV Android
- Download movian.apk to usb
- Install ES File Explorer
- open ES Explo...
02:11 PM Movian Feature #3159 (Rejected): Support tv 4k android
i search Movian on google store for my tv android but i don't see movian.
how can i install movian apk for m...


10:13 PM Movian PS3: RE: Can showtime play dsd 5.1?
Please support this feature please now there is alots of reciver under 500$ Like sony 1050 1060 Denon x2100 Okyon TR...


11:42 AM Movian PS3: RE: Can showtime play dsd 5.1?
i found source code decode dts mutil chanel here
i hope it he...


07:41 PM Movian Feature #1938: Add option for audio passthrough (RPi)
i tested dts file music it doesn't work
GUNS N' ROSES - Greated Hits


07:36 PM Movian PS3: RE: Can showtime play dsd 5.1?
oh sorry i mean DSD 5.1 is not DTS 5.1
you can check here
Playstation 3 support super audio...


11:02 AM Movian PS3: Can showtime play dsd 5.1?
i have a lot ultra high definition file audio dsd surround 5,1. il have to burn to DVD to play it, can showti...


04:13 PM Movian Bug #1071: .srt won't display...
i have question. is it support srt UTF-8? i use subtitle vietnamese but it doesn't work. i remember it worked with ol...
04:07 PM Movian Bug #791: play music Multi-Channel Music Playback (DTS, FLAC, ALAC)?
i tested with lastest version but it still doesn't work!
can you add this format for futur version?

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