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06:22 PM Movian Revision 5ff0f54e (git): osx: spotify: Fix logic and cleanup configure arg
06:22 PM Movian Revision 1a9138ef (git): osx: spotlight: Assign ctype properly
06:22 PM Movian Revision 8cac2a07 (git): Fix uninitialized warning


10:31 PM Movian OS/X: RE: Fullscreen not working
Does it crash directly or do you see the interface flash by?
Can you run showtime in gdb and print the backtrace?


11:08 PM Movian Revision 6d4c4071 (git): Use -iquote for local headers
By using -iquote for local headers files system headers can
not unintentionally include local header files with same ...


02:31 PM Movian OS/X: RE: Fullscreen not working
You probably need to execute the binary directly instead of via ...


02:40 PM Movian OS/X: RE: Fullscreen not working
If you quit Showtime in fullscreen mode it will start in fullscreen mode.
The x11 interface seams to supports --full...
01:22 PM Movian OS/X: RE: Fullscreen not working
Can you provide some more info like Mac OS X version and graphic hardware?
I have a similar problem with blank scree...


10:25 PM Movian Bug #759: Subtitle fails to load
Weird, can't reproduce using the filenames "3 Idiots (2009) BRRip - 720p.avi" and "3 Idiots (2009) BRRip -" ...


06:10 PM Movian OS/X: RE: Is there no Mac OS X users?
I have some updates to the OSX port locally that i hope i can get in shape, better coreaudio (start of digital passth...

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