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01:44 AM Movian Bug #2453 (Rejected): [Youtube plugin] Channel default view has changed - "List" view is not working
On the Youtube plugin 3.0.20, the default view is now "Custom", is there any way to set the view "List" as def...
01:34 AM Movian Bug #2452 (Fixed): [Youtube plugin] Video duration is not displayed
On the Youtube plugin, when browsing a video list, the duration of each video is not displayed after "Duration...


08:43 PM Movian Bug #2243 (Fixed): [Youtube plugin] All channels contain nothing
I'm using showtime on a ps3. Here is the bug :
- Open Youtube search and do a research in channels.
- Choo...


07:17 PM Movian Plugins: RE: TwitchTV - User search feature ?
Thank you, but when I try twitchtv:user:<user> I get the error "Failed to process page".
Here is the log :


09:03 PM Movian Plugins: TwitchTV - User search feature ?
I'm using the twitch plugin on ps3 and I was wondering if there is a way to search for a user as in the youtub...


10:31 PM Movian Feature #1706 (New): [Youtube] Do a new video search without stopping the current video
I was wondering if this feature can be implemented :
In the current version of Youtube plugin, when you press circ...


07:21 PM Movian Plugins: [Youtube plugin] Feature request : doing a new search without stopping current video
Hi Fabio,
First of all, thanks for your Youtube plugin, you're doing a really great job !
I've an idea for a n...

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