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11:09 PM Movian PS3: RE: BUG on SRT Subtitles (showtime-3.1.228.gbd329.pkg)
Yes, I have the same problem, sometimes weird letters appear under the subs. It's not a giant issue, but still.. it c...
05:25 PM Movian Feature #639: Change mappings on DualShock controller
Or the best option is to add a customizable controller layout, as in like with the keymapper, where you can set your ...
12:52 PM Movian Bug #681: Video playback broken

> @Simeon
> >>this should work on 3.41,wani...
12:12 PM Movian Bug #681: Video playback broken
Sorry Andreas, I should've looked deeper into the files. It might sound a bit noobish but uhh can somebody provide me...


06:37 PM Movian PS3: RE: Latest Revisions
Playback works fine for me in .228 but only for movies which DO NOT have 7.1 sound in them. Too bad most of mine do, ...
01:19 PM Movian Bug #681: Video playback broken
Ok this one doesn't have neither sound or video playback. If the audio is in English 7.1, there's no audio, but if Ch...
12:57 PM Movian Bug #681: Video playback broken
This is the file. With this one, I have video playback but no sound, which is 7.1. I'll try to post one which doesn't...
12:40 PM Movian Bug #681: Video playback broken
I have a slow upload speed, but I'll post a sample within ano hour or two, I also have this problem, but only for vid...

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