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01:46 PM Movian Feature #921 (Fixed): DVD FOLDER
I don't know if this is possible or has already been implemented. But could you play a dvd straight from a folder on ...


02:13 PM Movian Bug #732: Subtitle position.
This is with every SRT subtitle I play. I have the video zoom option set to 94% so the screen fit's correctly. Maybe ...


11:47 AM Movian Bug #732: Subtitle position.
I don't call allmost outside the screen perfect. In 3.0 it was almost perfect, now it's just bad. It's nearly outside...


08:58 PM Movian Bug #732 (Fixed): Subtitle position.
The subtitles are really low since this version. Nearly outside the screen on the bottom. I don't like to have them o...


09:23 PM Movian Bug #721: L5.0/5.1 MKV no video playback
Can't you just turn the level down with TSMUXERGUI?
09:20 PM Movian Bug #717: The clock displaying is not right
Sorry was a bad idea...
09:18 PM Movian Bug #717: The clock displaying is not right
I already made a remark about this. Simply make a GMT+ option you can fill in yourself and it is fixed.


11:35 PM Movian Feature #713: Localtime
11:34 PM Movian Bug #714: Playback with gametrailers plugin.
11:34 PM Movian Feature #710: Subtitle adjustment.

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