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12:12 PM Movian Bug #3264 (Fixed): Youtube plugin 403 error "Unable to open resource"
Unable to play any Youtube (5.05) videos in both Android and on the PS3 versions of Showtime on stable (5.0.274, test...
11:51 AM Movian Plugins: RE: The (sorry) state of the Youtube plugin
It seems the Youtube plugin dosn't work anymore, you can search for stuff but nothing plays you just get a 403 error ...


07:25 PM Movian General: RE: Showtime Remote (Android)
Very nice program.
Some minor suggestions...
1. On larger tablets and also I assume higher resolutions there is...


09:42 PM Movian PS3: A few minor suggestions...
I really do like showtime on the PS3, but there are a few tiny things that would make it better.
* Being able to c...


01:10 AM Movian PS3: RE: hide or move album art and resize columns?
Oh looks like the album art thing has been fixed, thanks for that :).


01:16 AM Movian PS3: hide or move album art and resize columns?
Is there any way of hiding or moving album art (the one on the bottom left on the screen). It seems to cover up other...


03:36 PM Movian PS3: 24bit multi-channel FLAC?
Pretty much the title,
I've asked before about 24bit audio a while back, I kinda presumed it didn't do that as I ...


06:15 PM Movian PS3: 24bit audio...
just wanted to know if Showtime for PS3 can output 24bit-48khz or above via HDMI/optical. I know it doesn't support m...

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