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10:46 AM Movian PS3: RE: Incompatibility with new scene MP4 releases
Showtime was created mainly for MKV in mind.
MP4 is playable natively on the PS3, so I don't see what the problem ...


08:14 PM Movian PS3: RE: Cinavia protected video hangs Showtime?
I doubt Cinavia has any influence over Showtime whatsoever.


03:05 PM Movian PS3: RE: 3.4 and still crashes, help.
If you want stability go back, don't go forward, the new versions are broken.


01:08 PM Movian PS3: Why is Red Squirrel always credited for Showtime?
I see it everywhere, a lot of PS3 forums, people think that Red Squirrel is the one who actually develops Showtime, w...
01:04 PM Movian PS3: RE: MP4 720p movies does not work, please!
Doesn't the PS3 play MP4 natively from the OS anyways?


02:29 PM Movian PS3: RE: Enter button X or O?
Arran Lawley wrote:
> do you think this will be possible in 3.5?


06:03 PM Movian PS3: RE: 1080p mkv streaming to PS3?
I only suggested Tversity because it's the fastest and most polished streaming software, make sure to set all encodin...
03:50 PM Movian PS3: RE: 1080p mkv streaming to PS3?
Dude PS3Mediaserver is for people with OFW, why would you wanna re-encode the stream, thats what PS3MediaServer does,...


10:31 PM Movian PS3: RE: Objects flickering then PS3 locks-up?
Rusty Unknown wrote:
> Some of the new builds are unstable, just try an older build until it is stable again.


03:29 PM Movian PS3: RE: Can we stream 1080p mkv videos now?
You don't have to be a genius to figure out 720p or anything over will need to have all components connected via ethe...

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