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03:45 AM Movian Bug #927 (Fixed): video segment selection crashes FAT ps3
not sure if same error with the SLIM PS3 but when you select a segment of video to skip to (1:00 , 2:00 , 3:00) this ...
03:42 AM Movian Feature #926 (Fixed): continuous playback
i think it would be great if you could have a continuous playback, which means will play the next movie in the listin...


06:16 AM Movian Feature #702 (New): assigned video for screensaver
where it comes up with "media not loaded" for screensaver, is it possible to have an option to point to a video file ...


05:28 PM Movian Feature #641 (Fixed): video parameter memory and switches
need videos to remember the zoom,sync and subtitle settings.
possible to ever have such settings for streaming vid...
05:20 PM Movian Feature #640 (Fixed): MP4 codec support
Format: H2.64, millions,
plays first few seconds, stops. very popular streaming format.
attached sample
05:12 PM Movian Feature #639 (Rejected): Change mappings on DualShock controller
buttons on remote control should be more durable.
left/right arrow should be seek back/forward 90 seconds.

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