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02:10 AM Movian PS3: RE: NTFS support discussion
I think maybe the guys working on Multiman could be happy to give Andreas their support for the NTFS drivers since th...


08:05 PM Movian Feature #526: NTFS would be good
Well, just to post my opinion, I hope some day it is possible for showtime to have ntfs support. I have all the conte...
06:52 PM Movian PS3: RE: support BD-iso? playback 3D?
Showtime and any video player can play side by side or over under 3d, they are just a normal movie. I don't think you...


08:19 PM Movian PS3: RE: Subtitle .sub .idx not being read properly
I use the sub generated by for 3d side by side movies and they work perfect with mkv...

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