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02:49 PM Movian RPi: Enable composite video output on Raspberry + Showtime
I'm making some first steps with Showtime on Raspberry and try to enable the composite video output. Everything else ...


09:13 AM Movian Linux: RE: Missing audio settings
Now I understand. I only had ALSA installed because I am working in an embedded environment and wanted to keep the de...


10:54 AM Movian Linux: Missing audio settings
Unfortunately I can no longer find the audio output settings in the latest version of Showtime. In the older versions...


03:48 PM Movian Linux: RE: Gentoo + Showtime on USB stick
I am sorry that I didn't offer any news regarding this topic. I am very busy at the moment and I need to find time to...


06:52 PM Movian Linux: RE: Showtime crash with new and clean Gentoo system
I have created a new thread for further discussion of the Gentoo+Showtime on USB stick because it's off-topic here.
06:49 PM Movian Linux: Gentoo + Showtime on USB stick
I am thinking about the easiest way to make my Gentoo based Showtime system on USB stick available for testers.


02:02 PM Movian Bug #659 (Rejected): AV out of sync when VDPAU disabled
I use Showtime 3.1.29.gd08cd
AV gets out of sync after some minutes for live TV and recordings when VDPAU is disab...
01:27 PM Movian Bug #658: Showtime freezes when playing Tvheadend recordings
I will make some tests with small recordings. Hopefully I find one that I can upload afterwards
01:16 PM Movian Bug #658 (Rejected): Showtime freezes when playing Tvheadend recordings
I have MKV recordings from Tvheadend 2.12 that don't play well on Showtime when VDPAU is enabled.
The pr...


11:28 PM Movian Linux: RE: Broadcom Crystal HD video acceleration
I will have a look where I can get those cards and how expensive they are for me. Perhaps I could donate one for deve...

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