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10:13 AM Movian RPi: RE: Downgrade on RPi (from bleeding edge to stable)
The build system has moved and the "Builds" TAB above here is not updated to reflect that :-(
The builds can be fo...


10:58 PM Movian Bug #3283 (Fixed): Regression build in subtitles
Applied in changeset commit:git|ffbc7797a4b96abae7d01c7c62918873a90f42c3.
10:58 PM Movian Revision ffbc7797 (git): android: Fix problems with displaying subtitles when using HW accelerate...
Fixes #3283


09:09 PM Movian General: RE: Is movian dying?
Correct, and the amount of time I can devote to Movian varies quite a lot and have recently been quite low (for the l...
09:05 PM Movian Bug #3282: Resume is not possible between USB ports
It's the same thing on other platforms. It depends on the path the same and if you move the USB stick it changes.


10:20 AM Movian Revision f5bbabd9 (git): ps3: Pass ppu lib path to libav, fixes problem with missing PNG decoder


11:40 PM Movian Revision 21f81323 (git): Fix incorrect (int) to (int64_t)
09:49 AM Movian Bug #3217 (Rejected): H264 level 4.0 1080 video stutters, gives 1088 error
5 ref frames for 1080 content is just not supported by the ps3 firmware.


05:04 PM Movian Bug #3276 (Need feedback): H265 playback not working on Android
Can you try files that also has an audio track?


01:42 AM Movian Revision 77c4969a (git): android: Enable video acceleration by default

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