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05:20 PM Movian Revision b0082ea2 (git): Merge pull request #224 from copernic-us/patch-8
Update pl_PL.lang


12:27 AM Movian Google Native Client: RE: How does Google decision to phase out Apps affect us?
Yeah I've read all of this as well. It's sad for sure but not so unexpected as they already deprecated Chrome apps.


07:33 AM Movian Bug #3295 (Need feedback): Unable to parse Cloud Flare sites
You can run javascript with @eval()@ in javascript.


12:18 PM Movian PS3: RE: Movian on PS4??
Unless Sony releases some kind of development kit for small companies or indie developers it's probably not gonna hap...


11:36 PM Movian Revision 2be80e07 (git): ecmascript: Verify that HTTP URL begins with http(s)://


12:04 PM Movian General: RE: Is movian dying?
Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Well, I encountered Movian a few months ago and it was a magical moment!
> I struggled...


11:02 PM Movian Revision b5ae289c (git): osx: Make it build after dvdread changes
10:53 PM Movian Revision 33d0d1da (git): Merge pull request #223 from RuralHunter/master
Fix bug #2775 Add ability to read DVD images with ISO9660 format


02:22 PM Movian Revision 1d4fa034 (git): skin: Use tenary operator in some places
02:22 PM Movian Revision 5e4d83dd (git): glw: Add tenary operator (?:)

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