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12:18 PM Movian PS3: RE: Movian on PS4??
Unless Sony releases some kind of development kit for small companies or indie developers it's probably not gonna hap...


11:36 PM Movian Revision 2be80e07 (git): ecmascript: Verify that HTTP URL begins with http(s)://


12:04 PM Movian General: RE: Is movian dying?
Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> Well, I encountered Movian a few months ago and it was a magical moment!
> I struggled...


11:02 PM Movian Revision b5ae289c (git): osx: Make it build after dvdread changes
10:53 PM Movian Revision 33d0d1da (git): Merge pull request #223 from RuralHunter/master
Fix bug #2775 Add ability to read DVD images with ISO9660 format


02:22 PM Movian Revision 1d4fa034 (git): skin: Use tenary operator in some places
02:22 PM Movian Revision 5e4d83dd (git): glw: Add tenary operator (?:)


11:43 PM Movian Revision 0639935a (git): Merge pull request #222 from Taran2ul/patch-3
Update ru_RU.lang
10:11 AM Movian Revision 84d6519a (git): Make torrent cache dir a true directory setting
09:54 AM Movian Revision 15986762 (git): Merge pull request #221 from Taran2ul/patch-2
Update ru_RU.lang

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